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Industrial Enclosures
System Climate Control
A broad selection of cooling units, recooling systems, heat exchangers, fan-and-filter units and
enclosure heaters protects against adverse physical and thermal influences. This is supplemented
by versatile accessory components.

- Straightforward assembly, exchange and maintenance with no need for tools of any kind.
- Simple reversal of the air flow direction by turning the fan module.
- Individual positioning of the power connection.
- Spring clamp terminals for electrical connection without tools.
- Louvered grille latch for fast filter mat replacement without tools.
- Air throughput from 20 to 700 m³/h.
- New diagonal fan technology for greater pressure stability and constant air flows in use, even with a contaminated filter mat.
- Minimum installation depth.
- Flow-optimized air routing.
- Extended service life of filter mats and thus longer maintenance intervals.
- Intelligent symbiosis of radial and axial fan technology.
- Air flow spreads diagonally from the fan, promoting a more even air distribution in the enclosure.

RIT-SK 3237.100
Fan&Filter 20/25m3/h (50/60Hz), 230V, RAL 7035, 116.5x116.5 mm
RIT-SK 3238.100
Fan&Filter 55/66m3/h (50/60Hz), 230V, RAL 7035, 148.5x148.5 mm
RIT-SK 3239.100
Fan&Filter 105/120m3/h (50/60Hz), 230V, RAL 7035, 204x204mm
RIT-SK 3240.100
Fan&Filter 180/160m3/h (50/60Hz), 230V, RAL 7035, 255x255mm
RIT-SK 3241.100
Fan&Filter 230/250m3/h (50/60Hz), 230V, RAL 7035, 255x255mm
RIT-SK 3243.100
Fan&Filter 550/600m3/h (50/60Hz), 230V, RAL 7035, 323x323mm
RIT-SK 3244.100
Fan&Filter 700/770m3/h (50/60Hz), 230V, RAL 7035, 323x323mm
RIT-SK 3237.200
Outlet Filter for SK 3237 fans, RAL 7035
RIT-SK 3238.200
Outlet Filter for SK 3238 fans, RAL 7035
RIT-SK 3239.200
Outlet Filter for SK 3239 fans, RAL 7035
RIT-SK 3240.200
Outlet Filter for SK 3240 and SK 3241 fans, RAL 7035
RIT-SK 3243.200
Outlet Filter for SK 3243 and SK 3244 fans, RAL 7035
RIT-SK 3110.000
Enclosure internal thermostat, 24-230V AC/DC, Setting range +5C to 60C
RIT-SK 3118.000
Hygrostat - Humidity controller 24-230V AC/DC, Setting range: 50-100% Relative Humidity
RIT-SK 3305.140
TopTherm PLUS wall-mount.cooling unit 1500 W, basic control.400-460V, 50/60 Hz
RIT-SK 3328.140
TopTherm PLUS wall-mount.cooling unit 2000 W, basic control.400-460V, 50/60 Hz
RIT-SK 3329.140
TopTherm PLUS wall-mount.cooling unit 2500 W, basic control.400-460V, 50/60 Hz