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Al-Bonian Group is a Lebanese company specialized in the field of industrial electrical equipment trading and supply. For more than thirty four years, the company has proven to be a major player in the market, especially in high technical requirement industries and in the trading of electrical low and medium voltage apparatus.

Today, Al-Bonian Group has committed itself to the service of the engineering community through the continuous facilitation and transmission of the latest global technologies intelligently packaged to be used by local end-users, corporations and re-producers. Given our modest heritage of experience and global connections to world prominent suppliers, we are aware of our responsibilities to help in reshaping and improving the surrounding industrial engineering and electrical environment by providing perfect and cost-effective solutions and using distinguished professional marketing techniques and reliable delivery.


Al-Bonian Group came to light in 1987 in Beirut, Lebanon, with a modest start in electro-mechanical contracting works.


In 1990, the company launched a new division for trading and marketing electrical low voltage apparatus of international quality and standards.

Additional success was credited to this branch for the ability of becoming the regional agent and sole distributor for different high reputed international companies like Phoenix Contact, Terasaki, Rittal, Klauke, Greenlee, Werma, and more.


In 1993, the company founded a specialized department for panel building and automation, this department was able to introduce for the first time in the market new systems for panel building.


Today, Al-Bonian Group SAL is only supplying electrical industrial products in the field of low voltage. Previous contracting and panel building works have been ceased since the year 1998. In return, it has fully equipped itself to face future challenges given the natural ever-changing industrial parameters it operates in, on one hand, and its potential experimental and managerial capabilities, on the other hand.